Technical Support

Ensuring the smooth operation of your security system will always be our top priority. For this reason, we focus on resolving as quickly as possible - usually in 24 hours - any problem that may arise.

Technical Support

Preventive Maintenance

We undertake the preventive maintenance of your security system at specified periods,

so that it will not let you down when you need it most!

Preventive Maintenance

Remote Alarm Control
Remote Alarm Control

Would you like to control your alarm system from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet?

It can be done easily and reliably!

Remote Alarm Control

Remote Video Surveillance

The installation of security cameras, combined with our app on the computer, tablet  or smartphone, allows you to monitor your premises in high quality resolution, day or night, quickly and easily...  from anywhere.

Remote Video Surveillance

All Day Secure allows you to move freely in your home between all external and internal spaces, while your system is permanently armed!

Central Monitoring Station

A central station provides services which, combined with the alarm system, greatly improve the security of your premises, i.e. your home, office, retail shop or industrial site. Our central station, always equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and  highly experienced staff, provides, among other things, the following services on a 24-hour basis:

Daily technical control

1. Daily technical control

Our central station monitors the installed alarm system through the telephone line in order to detect problems such as power failure, low batteries, telephone line failure, equipment malfunction and loss of communication.

Accurate notification

2. Accurate notification

The central station notifies the people specified as responsible in order of priority in case of failure or alarm. Detailed information is crucial to distinguish between false alarms and real burglaries. 

Panic button activation

3. Panic button activation

Should the user press the panic button using a keyfob or a keypad, the central station receives the signal instantly and follows the specified protocol to respond to the emergency situation.

Alarm disarm under threat

4. Alarm disarm under threat

Should the user activate the threat code (alarm disarm under threat), the central station receives the signal instantly and follows the specified protocol to respond to the event.

Notification of the police

5. Notification of the police

When needed, the central station notifies the police in the event of an alarm signal. All calls are recorded. 

Kerveros live service

6. Kerveros live service

With this new service, users can receive all signals (arming - disarming, power loss, low batteries, loss of communication, other failures etc) on their computer or their smartphone wherever they are.

Data retrieval

7. Data retrieval

It is possible to retrieve data from the alarm system up to 6 months later.

Power failure notification

8. Power failure notification

The monitoring station notifies the owners in case of power failure since it can be the result of sabotage.

Time schedule control service

9. Time schedule control service

The time schedule control service allows you to manage the security of your business. The alarm receiving center will call the person specified as responsible, each time there is a violation of the predetermined time schedule.

Central Monitoring Station

Emergency response

1. Emergency response

In the event of an emergency, one of our patrol cars, properly equipped and with trained staff, immediately approaches the site to verify the incident, to collect on-the-spot evidence and to notify the police and the owners.


2. Patrols

We perform patrols for potential intrusion, damage or other signs of burglary or forced entry.

Visual Confirmation (e-monitoring)

3. Visual Confirmation (e-monitoring)

We provide visual alarm confirmation through real time access to the client's cameras.

Electronic patrol

4. Electronic patrol

We provide visual patrol of the premises through the client's cameras at regular intervals.